Friday, October 19, 2007


*I wrote this a thousand years ago on a little book I always have in me wherever I go. I’m posting it here kasi wala lang hehe…

Jalajala Rizal is where I grew up. JJ is a somewhat destitute, joyless town. You’ve never probably heard of it. Heck, you won’t even find it in old Philippine maps. But that’s okay.

That luckless town doesn’t have any running potable water. Telephones were installed only recently, like a million years after it was invented. Cable TV is just a myth so forget about the internet. Jalajala has no fire truck, no public market and the municipal building is as big as some barangay hall in Pasig. Fast food stores are still an unknown in that poor town but that’s okay because the town people don’t have any doughs to buy those Macs and Bees.

Nightlife is dead. You’ll be damn lucky if you find 10 living people at ten in the evening. Hell, you won’t see anyone at 10:15. Try 3 in the morning then you’ll see people already awake and nakatambay. Go figure. Even during the day, you won’t see many people especially during weekdays. Summer is happy times, but compare that to others, it seems we’re forever mourning. But that’s okay.

Jalajala has no real culture, no history worthy of any history books. If a tourist wants to know where the good spots are, we’ll show him the town exit because I’m sure he’ll fid the Holy Grail first (wherever it is) than find a good spot in Jalajala. Good spot? Hahahaha that’s a good one.

Basically, we have nothing. We have no traffic jams here, no pollutions, no gruesome crimes happening, no NPA-MILF-Abu Sayaff and that’s no kidding. All we have are quiet time, clean air, little mayas chirping merrily. All we have is time in the world and time here moves oh so slowly. But hey, that’s okay right?

This is my kinda town.


aladybug said...

Minsan me ngsabi sa akin taong mahal ko dati na taga Jalajala LANG daw ako kaya hindi kami bagay.

Matagal n yun at baka hindi nya rin alam n sinabi nya yun hehehe.

Basta I heart you Pao! Tnx for sharing us your thoughts about our town. Your proud to be taga Jalajala and definitely I am too.

Anonymous said...

hey, that is what im thinking years ago about jj, all you said.
thats true, but think about it, thats what make this place lovely.


paolo said...

aladybug, baka bata pa sya nun nung nasabi nya.. i heart u too :P

stepilikok, ang hirap talaga sabihin ng name mo hehe yup, those are the reasons we love the place...

reyna said...

i use to get reeeaaaally bored sa jj kasi walang magawa especially if ordinaryong araw lang.

pahiga-higa sa papag sa ilalim ng mangga. magwa-walis sa harap ng bahay. miryenda. punta sa bahay ng kaibigan para makipag kwentuhan. tahimik. panay huni ng ibon ang maririnig.

i miss those things.

Allan said...

I'm an American settling in Jalajala (JJ). I can't read the Fil text from the other blogs, however I liked the Friday, October 19th posting. Some people out in the world are looking for a peaceful place like JJ to get away from every thing. I guess I will be a one of a kind. The kano in JJ. If you read this and see me just say "Hi" and tell me you read this.


Anonymous said...

I must say that I'm very pleased to have found this page about JalaJala. I have not read all the articles but so far I have enjoyed what I've read.

I must say that I have visited JJ recently and just loved the mountains, the beautiful lake and the peace and quiet of the area just as one of you readers have pointed out - there are people who'll pay for a truly wonderful and peaceful place like JJ. I am curently at the final stages of purchasing a small property here and lookign forward to staying in JJ to relax and enjoy the village away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

May we all preserve the beauty that is JALAJALA!

Anonymous said...

turuan mo ko pumunta sa Jalajala galing taytay, gusto ko kasing mag soul serching, mag painting session sa harap ng lake, kumuha ng mga pictures...bukas sana...

paolo said...

aecie, you want to go to JJ? great. sorry ngayon ko lang nabasa ang comment mo. email me for info dun sa email add provided sa side bar :)

Allan and anonymous, i hope yu'll enjoy your stay in JJ> the pace is wonderful but more so the people. i hope you get to know them too :)