Saturday, May 3, 2008

website ng jalajala ayon sa wikipedia

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Ako nama'y medyo natutuwa... okay, okay, sobrang natutuwa dahil sa aking natuklasan sa wikipedia kahapon. Ang nakalagay kasi sa link ng website for Jalajala ay ang website na ito. It feels nice that this site is being recognized that way. Check out the picture above and this LINK.

Mababaw lang naman akong tao kaya sa akin lang, e this calls for a celebration. Isang GranMa nga dyan...


reyna said...

hey pao...wala bang nangyayari sa JJ? tahimik yata...picturesesess na lang ok na.

i miss jj...

Beth said...

Hi Paolo,
Beth Vargas here, from Morong, Rizal. I believe I got the jj link via wikipedia when I was trying to find out an image of Morong's streets. I didn't find one but I found your blog instead. I appreciate what you have here - very informative, something that jj'ians can be proud of.

By the way, I believe I'm a generation away from you. My eldest daghter is now 15 years old, my youngest, a boy, is 9. My kasama sa bahay here is a girl named Joy Reno from Punta. Her middle name is Pillas. Would you believe she has been with me since 1993?

Sige, keep up the good work. Good Luck!

paolo said...

beth, i have relatives who are "Pillas" and they're from Punta. Our mayor now is a Pillas, also from Punta. And I consider Morong a cousin of Jalajala because we have a barangay here whose ancestors came from Morong, that's why they have the same "puntong Morong". i have a post about it here, hope you read them. :)

reyna, eto na nga po, mga pix hehe