Friday, May 8, 2009

Virginia Fabella honored by the town of Jalajala as environment advocate

Virginia Fabella, a Maryknoll Sister from the Philippines, has been involved in environmental work since the early 2000’s when she was assigned to Jala-jala, Rizal, where her congregation is developing a mini-farm towards self-sustenance.

“At Maryknoll mini-farm, we use only ‘environment-friendly’ farming methods. Our place in Jala-jala has also been used for seminars on waste management and other environment-related concerns,” said Sr. Virginia.

When Jala-jala town celebrated its 100th anniversary in March 2007, Virginia Fabella received a certificate of appreciation from the town mayor for her invaluable support and active participation in conserving environmental resources and developing greater consciousness in caring for nature.

Sr. Virginia is a member of AWRC and the Editorial Advisory Committee of IGI. She also teaches feminist theology courses in the Institute of Formation and Religious Studies.


source WOMENET

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