Monday, February 25, 2008

kodigo - jalajala history finals exam

1823 – the year Jalajala was made into a “pueblo” or town.

1825 – the year Jalajala was separated from the town Pila to become independent, with its ecclesiastical affairs given to the accular clergy.

1853 – Jalajala was incorporated in the newly created Distrito delos Montes de San Mateo and later, into the Distrito-Politico-Militar de Morong.

Peter Vedi – owned the land of Jalajala but abandoned it in 1891 then Jalajala was uncultivated for several years.

January 27, 1897 – Filipino revolutionists entered Jalajala to capture Spanish hacienderos.

August 1, 1898 – people of Jalajala joined the revolutionary government of Emilio Aguinaldo.

Act 946 – After the war, by virtue of this act, Jalajala and Quisao were consolidated with the seat of the municipal government.

Act 1626 – By this act approved on March 27, 1907, Jalajala became an independent municipality from the Municipality of Pililla.

Simeon Perez – the first to be elected as Presidente Municipal in 1907 when Jalajala elected its first town officials held in the first Tuesday of November.

1920 – the land of Jalajala went into publication due to non-payment of land taxes by its previous owner.

Francisco, Marcelo and Bernardo de Borja (from Pateros) – won the bid to own Jalajala, thus becoming the first Filipino owners of Jalajala.

1925 – due to conflict and maltreatment of the land owners, more than half of the tenants transferred in a land in Pililla known then as “Longos”. They named the place barrio Malaya to signify their freedom. But due to an epidemic brought about by non-potable water, many settlers went back to Jalajala.

Paolo – considered by many as the most handsome guy Jalajala ever produced.


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Anonymous said...

2007 - ngkaroon ng Manila Waters sa Jalajala.

I would like to give credit to Mayor Ely Pillas for his effort. We all know that clean water is a necessity to have a comfortable living.

taga JJ

paolo said...

mas okay sna kung mas mura ang binabayaran pero business is business, wala ng magagawa ang mayor dun hehe